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Sat, Jun 24


Joy Joy Land Warwick

Father’s Knows Best

Father’s Knows Best
Father’s Knows Best

Time & Location

Jun 24, 2023, 5:00 PM – Jun 25, 2023, 9:00 PM

Joy Joy Land Warwick , 311 N Warwick Ave, Baltimore, MD 21223, USA

About the Event

Time: Doors Open @ 5pm Admission: $20 B4 7pm $35 After

Grand Prize #1 $1,000 (1 Trophy) (Awareness) (Team Realness) Create a CREATIVE team production with (4) different types of realness. Your production must be on PREP Awareness. (BE CREATIVE) (ALL MUST BE IN PRIDE COLORS) (No House Affiliation)

Grand Prize # 2 $400 (1 Trophy) (STD Awareness) House with the most (STD) test done before the ball starts. (ALL MUST BE IN PRIDE COLORS DOING THE TIME OF THE TEST)

Grand Prize #3 $400 (1 Trophy) (OTA) (Cause A Scene) Your creative team have been hired and brought onboard to create a new hip Billboard Sign for Baltimore City Health Department. Your Billboard should be FUN, BOLD, with a relatable MESSAGE that is appealing to todays youth. Be creative with and in your PRIDE COLORS.

Grand Prize #4 $400 (OTA) (ALL LIVES MATTER) In every city there are LGBTQ members of the community who loses their lives for numerous unjustified reasons. Tonight if you had the attention of our Mayor - Brandon Scott and or Governor - West Moore; what type of Equal Rights Bill you would introduce to them? Keep in mind the bill should surround the rights of the LGBTQ community. (MUST BE IN PRIDE COLORS)

Grand Prize #5 $400 (OTA) (Domestic violence) Domestic violence is normally committed by someone in the victim's domestic circle. This includes partners and ex-partners, immediate family members, other relatives and family friends. The term 'domestic violence' is used when there is a close relationship between the offender and the victim. October 1987, the first Domestic Violence Awareness Month was observed, and again, purple-hued clothing was widely embraced by participants. Tonight with a team of (5) representing the “L G B T Q” bring us a CREATIVE (3)min play with a POWERFUL message without using your MOUTH! (MUST BE IN PRIDE COLORS)

Grand Prize #6 $400 (1 Trophy) (Legendary Realness) The Pride Center of Maryland has been around since 1977. PCOM is the oldest, largest, and most profound organization serving the LGBTQ+/SGL community in the state. Our chant goes " It ain't no party, like the PCOM party, cuz the PCOM party don't stop." Our colors are purple, pink, black and white. Tonight representing the community, use your creativity to embark on the history of the Pride Center of Maryland using the Colors purple, pink, black and white. P.S don't forget the "PCOM party don't stop"

$400 OTA Performance (5) Trophy (1) Cash Prize School Of The Arts Growing up you always knew you wanted to dance in some form. However, because of your household you couldn’t be FREE to live your life nor explore the possibilities to dance. Tonight you been giving one LAST chance to show your gift. In a CREATIVE PRIDE Effect, come show the judges why you should be selected as BALTIMORE 2023 Dancing Queen or King. (Each person that walks MUST pay $10) (No Touching)

$400 OTA Runway (8)Trophies (1) Cash Prize It’s on YOU Tonight the look is completely on you! However, your look MUST SPEAK PRIDE. Think outside the box and bring to life a walking CREATIVE BALTIMORE Pride advertisement. Be able to grab your judge’s attention within your FIRST (6) steps. Let your feet do the walking and your effect do the talking. (MUST BE IN PRIDE COLORS)

$200 (2 Trophies) Tag Team Virgin Performance Tonight show us the baddies in Virgin Performance! Create a team of (2) virgins, with a 5 element tag team performance. Your team MUST consist of one mainstream virgin & one kiki virgin. (Complimentary Looks) (MUST BE IN PRIDE COLORS)

$200 (4 Trophies) (OTA) (1 Cash Prizes) FF Realness It’s summertime in BALTIMORE and there’s Caribbean Festival at Clifton Park. Some of Baltimore’s hottest guys will be in the PARK along with their baby mothers, wives, and side chicks. Tonight we want to see the BADDEST of the BADDEST to kick the door in SITTING. Come dress in your FESTIVAL PRIDE COLORED attire, and be CREATIVE.(MUST BE IN PRIDE COLORS) (NO LEGENDS)

$200 (1 Trophy) (Beginners) Best Dress Presentation Tonight you will be attending a AWARENESS Gala. The focus of the Gala is to bring awareness that America has FAILED at the fight against HIV/AIDS. Come dress in a CREATIVE Tailored look that will keep the attention of the judges. (MUST BE IN PRIDE COLORS)

$200 Twister Vs. Sister (2) Trophies (1) Cash Prize The Perfect Duo Tonight at the after party the girlz will be looking for the boyz and the boyz will be looking for the girlz. In complimentary PRIDE COLORED effects, show us the PERFECT DUO! We want to see a nasty show stopping performance for your 10’s ALL 5 elements. Pick your partner WISELY! (MUST BE IN PRIDE COLORS)

$150 (1 Trophy) Commentator Vs. Commentator It’s simple “Make A Bitch Get Up Out Their Seat”. Idc if your a Kiki and or Mainstream commentator, come show us who really got the juice. (Must Be In Pride Colors)

Bring AWARENESS to something that is PERSONAL to you that have affected the LGBTQ Community on the daily! The looks on you however, be creative in you PRIDE COLORS.

$$$ BQ Sex Siren $$$ FF Sex Siren $$$ MF Body $$$ FF Body $$$ BQ Vs Transman Face $$$ Sneaker Vs. Sneaker $$$ Sexy Realness $$$ Everyday Realness $$$ Hand Performance $$$ Old Way Vs. The New Way $$$ Designers Delight $$$ OTA Face

All Categories are to be brought in PRIDE colors UNLESS specified differently

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