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Thu, May 25



DC Black Pride Unity Ball...PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE

The Capitol Ballroom Council in collaboration with Icon Charles West, Legends Twiggy Garcon, Duante’ Balenciaga, and Domo Alpha Omega presents… the 7th Annual DC Black Pride Unity Free Ball!

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DC Black Pride Unity Ball...PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE
DC Black Pride Unity Ball...PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE

Time & Location

May 25, 2023, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Washington, 999 9th St NW, Washington, DC 20001, USA

About the Event


Know Your PAST: 

Realness $1500 (MF Realness $500, FF Realness $500, Overall Winner $500)

  • MF Realness $500: BQ School Boy (The Nerd) vs. BQ Pretty Boy (The Jock) - Every school has them both and depending on what a girl wants, will determine who she goes after. Tonight is the classic battle of the nerd vs. the jock, come down the hall! (2 Trophies/ Battle for the $500)
  • BQ Thug Realness (Bloods) vs. BQ Everyday Realness (Crips) - For years the Bloods and the Crips were rivals which led to many unfortunate casualties and deaths within the Black community. However, in some areas they made a pact and came together to stand against violence. Depict tonight your respective gang, with a poster board message denoting violence in our community. Let your sign do your talking, realness speaks for itself! (2 Trophies/ Battle for the $500)
  • BQ Executive Realness (Record Label Exec) vs. BQ Legend/Icon Realness (Music Artist) - Throughout the years record labels and their artists have battled. There’s a debate that without record labels, we would never have heard of some of our favorite artists. While others say, without Artist, record labels would make no money! Let’s settle the score tonight, who’s the REAL force in the industry? (2 Trophies/ Battle for the $500)
  • Transman Pretty Boy Realness (Good Guy) vs. Transman Everyday Realness (Bad Boy) - Some say good guys always finish last and girls love bad boys. Others say bad boys are good for a thrill, and good guys are only for the real. Whichever side you stand on, show up tonight, ready to steal the heart of the person of your dreams. (2 Trophies/ Battle for the $500)
  • Female Figure Realness: $500 FQ School Girl Realness (Catholic School) vs. FQ Pretty Girl Realness (Public School) - Standing at the bus stop, sucking on a lollipop. Spring break is over and school is back in session, it’s time to get up, get dressed and let us see who’s REAL-ly PASSING class. (2 Trophies/Battle for the $500)
  • FQ Everyday Realness (Fast Food Worker) vs. FQ Legend/Icon (Lunch Lady) - If you’ve studied realness over the years in ballroom, you know that some of the most entertaining and competitive battles have been seen when it’s called for both of these effects and tonight, they will battle it out! Who’s SERVING you and who’s getting served? (2 Trophies/ Battle for the $500)
  • BQID (Troubled Student) vs. BQID Legend/Icon (Teacher) - For decades teachers have battled to be paid more to deal with the behavior of some of their students and yet the pay doesn’t increase, but the students bad behaviors have. Tonight, will the teacher finally get a pay bonus or will the student steal it right out her desk?! (2 Trophies/Battle for the $500)

Sex Siren: 

  • MF Sex Siren: At one point in ballroom, a sex siren could be fully dressed and not only get 10s but take the grand prize home. Tonight, take us back! Fully dressed for 10s and you are only allowed to remove one article of clothing per battle. True sex siren to the stage! (5 Trophies/1 Cash)
  • FF Sex Siren: Sometimes less is more and simple can be sexy. Let’s revisit an era in time when the girls sold us sex and seduction with hair whips, lip pouts, emoting, oozing and exuding sexiness in a mini dress, don’t forget your heels! (2 Trophies/1 Cash)
  • MF Body: Models vs Muscular  Mount Olympus was the home of the Greek Gods, known for their impeccable physique. Tonight embody the deity of your choice and make sure you're chiseled from every angle. (2 trophies/1 Cash)
  • FF Body: Models vs Luscious  Pamela Anderson set television on fire with her curvaceous depiction of a lifeguard. Bring our Baywatch fantasy to life and don't forget your prop. (2 trophies/1 Cash)

Live Your PRESENT:


  • OTA Best Dressed (Always DONE!) - “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” – Ralph Lauren. (3 Trophies/1 Cash)
  • Urban Streetwear vs. High Fashion Streetwear (It’s A Look!) - “I don't have to choose between high fashion or streetwear. My brand reminds me that it doesn't have to fit in a box. It can just be in a gray area.” - Virgil Abloh (2 Trophies/ 1 Cash)


  • Beginners Performance (You’ve Got Next) - The greats always stood out among their peers in their era because of their ability to be innovative, developed their own style, possessed individuality. Are you UP NEXT? (1 Trophy)
  • BQ Vogue Fem (Check My Technique) - As with all things in life, things change with time however the lines shouldn’t become blurred. The foundation and standard must remain strong and intact. The assignment is simple, we want to see a CLEAN, FEMININE, butch queen voguing like a fem queen performance. (2 Trophies/ 1 Cash)
  • Realness w/ A Twist (The 3 Pointer) - For the players that can shoot a 3! First, get your tens in your respective realness category. Second, come back to twist in basketball attire. Third, with the name of the twister you want first battle on your t-shirt. (1 Trophy/ 1 Cash)
  • Women’s Performance (Generation Alpha) - Women’s performance has become highly competitive and entertaining within this current generation of ballroom and you all have shown why you’re worthy of a seat at the performance table. In a heel, STEAL THE SHOW! (1 Trophy/ 1 Cash)
  • BQID Performance (Like A Lady) - Ballroom has witnessed some amazing drag performance battles and it looks as if the category is becoming hot again! The only concern some have is that some performers are forgetting that it’s DRAG and they’re not looking, feeling and oozing femininity in their performance! Bring us a performance and make sure “dude looks like a lady!” (1 Trophy/ 1 Cash)
  • FQ Performance (The Essence) - Trust what your body do and bring us the essence of FQ performance with hair whips, sways of the hips, breast shakes and all around performance mixed with the femme fatale evolved look of today’s FQ. (1 Trophy/ 1 Cash)
  • BQ Legend/Iconic Performance (What Have You Done For Me Lately?) - The seasoned performance Legends/Icons have been very vocal about a lot of the newer Legends begging and campaigning for statuses and then not hitting the floor once they’re given it. Some of the newer legends of performance feel like what have the Iconic and Older Legends done in years? Will the newer legends hit the floor and defend their honor? Will the older Legends and Icons show the girls why they can sit back now? (4 Trophies/ 1 Cash)

Fright for your FUTURE:

  • Runway: Beginners Runway (An Economic Protest) - Fighting for the next generation is no easy task, especially when you’re trying to find your own way. In a thrifty look under $30 (shoes not included), proving you don’t need a lot of coins to serve, hit the runway and make us know it! (1 Trophy)
  • European Runway (Next On Trend) - You’re the model and you only work and walk for designers who stay ahead of the trends. You’ve been invited to be a part of Couture Fashion week, what are you modeling? (1 Trophy/ 1 Cash)
  • All American Runway (GQ’s Man of the Year) - The look, style and class of a well dressed man, mixed with the strut and technique of the greats; Tyson Beckford, David Gandy, Jon Kortajarena, Noah Mills, etc. (1 Trophy/ 1 Cash)
  • FF Runway (Vogue 2030) - Vogue has partnered with The Met Ball for an iconic “Fashion Imitating Art” showcase. Models have been asked to choose any cover of Vogue and use it as inspiration for a recreation of the cover and walk the runway! Bring a printed picture of your inspiration. (4 Trophies/ 1 Cash)
  • Face: New Face (Is It Shade?) - Give us CARTA, in a pair of shades that are “OUT OF THIS WORLD!” (1 Trophy)
  • MF Face (Metallica) - There’s plenty pretty faces. Tonight, we want the total package. Bring us a face with the features, coupled with the confidence to sell the total package, dressed in metallics! (3 Trophies/ 1 Cash)
  • Female Figure Face (Extraterrestrial) - Your beauty is jaw-dropping, features so striking and the way you sell the package, it’s no way you’re from this planet! In a futuristic inspired look, bring us beauty out of this universe! (3 Trophies/ 1 Cash)


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